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This is all about magicspamela

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  • A Conversation with an Interior Photographer

    11 June 2016

    She shoots both residential and commercial spaces, creating images that capture the unique angles, textures and light of a specific space. After working with Lisa’s photographs on two different websites, I’ve become a fan of her style. I was also curious...

  • Investing in Photography for Your Interior Design Business

    11 June 2016

    There are plenty of choices to make in terms of what to invest in to grow your interior design business -- but there’s one thing you should never skimp on: photography. From acquiring new clients to getting featured in top publications, high quality photography...


    11 June 2016

    With any art form, the quality of light is an essential component in the work. This is true when it comes to photography, as well–especially when it comes to architectural and interior photography. Whether it be lighting for hotel photography, residential...

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